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The Merlins Over Malta DVD

Roundel Productions are pleased to announce that their critically acclaimed Merlins Over Malta DVD is being released in a Special Edition form.

It is available for 10.00 + 2.00 P&P

To order your copy of the DVD, please visit the Roundel Productions website -

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Click here for a larger image of the DVD cover...The DVD, which is narrated by actor and aviator, Martin Shaw, follows the story of the Merlins project, that made the epic flight to return a Spitfire and Hurricane to Malta for the first time in over 50 years.

The DVD tracks the project from the very beginning and culminates with the events that took place in Malta last September. It includes the stunning arrival through Grand Harbour filmed from the onboard camera in the Spitfire. It also includes footage of the Malta International Air Show, the commemorative flypast at the War Memorial and the opening of the Air Battle of Malta Memorial Hangar and air-to-air footage filmed throughout the trip.

The DVD has been produced by Roundel Productions.  It was written and edited by James Blatch and produced by Vic Flores.

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  Muriel being interviewed   Charlie being interviewed  

The DVD includes interviews with the team behind the project; the pilots, the owners of the aircraft, and with Muriel Pavlow, project supporter and star of Malta Story and Reach for the Sky.

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  The Final Filming session   Martin Shaw introducing the DVD  

Only a limited number of DVDs are available so order soon to avoid disappointment!


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DVD Reviews

My wife and I have just enjoyed watching the DVD. Thank you for producing such an excellent programme, it has been well worth waiting for and we are convinced it will have a large market especially in the George Cross Island we know well. The enthusiasm, dedication and emotion associated with the project are conveyed effectively in the film.
Congratulations to all concerned.
We received the DVD last week and just wanted to say thank you to you and everyone else involved in this project. My husband was over the moon when he watched it, and it brought back happy memories of our week in Malta last year
What a fantastic achievement, the whole film was brilliantly put together and wonderfully evocative. One to treasure
Just received the DVD, & having been in Malta, at Grand Harbour for the arrival, it took me back to last Sept.
Stunning DVD, and especially moving "Abide with me" by the veterans.
Congratulations to all the team.
I have just watched 'Merlins Over Malta' and want you to know that it was worth every second of the wait. IT IS STUNNING!!.
My heartiest congratulations go to everyone who made it possible and I wish I could have been stood on the Upper Barraker gardens as the two aircraft flew into the Grand Harbour. My wife and I were at Ta'Qali Air Museum in May of last year and they were only at the footings stage of the new hangar and we thought they had no chance of finishing it in time but, as with the whole operation, it came good in the end.
Once again congratulations and thank you to the team for a magnificent show and an equally magnificent memento.
Just received and watched DVD. Was really well worth the wait, excellent brought back memories of those two entering the grand harbour. The DVD is a lovely finish to a job well done by all the team
Thank you all for the effort
Having collected my copy of the DVD on Sunday at Duxford, I would just like to let you know how much I enjoyed watching it and to congratulate you on the great achievement of taking the Spitfire and Hurricane to Malta. Your enthusiasm and stamina must be second to none. The sight of the planes flying in over Valletta harbour for the first time is amazing, I only wish I had been there to witness it personally.
I have heard stories of life in wartime Malta from my late father-in-law who was a boy of around 10 at the time so I know a little about how the people suffered and how grateful they were to the British forces. Unfortunately he died in 2004 so was not aware of your project. I know he would have been as excited as his fellow countrymen at the return of the aircraft, so on behalf of him and others of our family that are still in Malta I would like to thank you again.
At last I have had the time to sit down at watch the DVD which you kindly sent me a week or so ago. As I watched it I think that I realised for the very first time what a supreme effort we all put in to support those brave old folk who went out to Malta first during the War and again last September. To see your two beautiful aircraft once more in the skies over Malta and also to see the veterans in the pouring rain at the war memorial in Floriana brought a lump to my throat.
Received the dvd today and watched it tonight with my husband. Wonderful! The aircraft, the sight of Malta beneath their wings, the archival footage (watching the bombs land was so scary!). Thanks to the team for making the project happen. I now want to visit Malta...




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